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Our Jumpers & Combo water slides

Here at Triple AAA Party Rentals we make it our goal to deliver a magnificent party of all sorts. We strive to provide our customers with clean, quality jumpers and combo water slides to give you the best party experience. Here you can check out our amazing selection of jumpers and combo water slides(that come in wet or dry.


Castle Combo



Princess Paradise

Safety Rules / Disclaimer

1. Remove: shoes, eye glasses and sharp objects before entering.

2. No food, drinks or silly string allowed.

3. No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing or piling on each other. 

4. Do not enter if pregnant or have any other physical disabilities.

5. Keep hands off of the net. 

6.Do not enter the inflatable unless an adult is present and supervising.

7.If the inflatable begins to lose air make your way out using the entrance. 

8.The inflatable can turn over in high winds; unload riders immediately if winds exceed 25 M.P.H.

9. Do not bounce against or near the entrance.

Disclaimer: Triple AAA disclaims any responsibility whatsoever to any other person for injury to person or damage to or loss of property or value caused by any product which has been subject to misuse, negligence or accident.

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